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    Take your business to the next level! No matter what stage you’re at, we’ll help you find funding options, accelerate your growth, and save you time. Get the personalized help to go further.

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  • 1000+ Funding Opportunities Identified


    Funding Opportunities Identified

  • 1000+ Funding Opportunities Identified


    Businesses on Skip's Platform

  • 1000+ Funding Opportunities Identified


    Funding Secured For Businesses

  • Our clients love us and you will too!

Being spread so thin, it’s really important to have support like Skip because I can lean on the colleges at Skip to help me supplement what I am working on, and help me grow
I had the resources that really helped
My overall experience with Skip has been amazing, it's been full of information and motivation
I don't know why anybody wouldn't use you (skip) if they were trying to navigate one of these federal agencies

How can Skip help your business?

  • 1000+ Funding Opportunities Identified

    Funding Help

    Expert support to help you navigate and apply for your available grant, loan, and financing options.

  • 1000+ Funding Opportunities Identified

    Formation Help

    Step by step help in considering and executing on formation or certification options.

  • 1000+ Funding Opportunities Identified

    Growth Help

    Hands on support to help grow your customers, build a business plan, or figure out new marketing and growth strategies.

  • Expert 1 on 1 support
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    Need help with funding? We help all types of entrpereneurs and small businesses start, fund, and grow.

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Why work with Skip?

  • 1000+ Funding Opportunities Identified

    Results-first Approach

    The Skip team focuses on getting you the results you’re looking for to grow and scale your business.

  • 1000+ Funding Opportunities Identified

    Trusted Team & Information

    The Skip team has been one of the top resources in the US for SBA-related funding and other private funding options since 2020.

  • 1000+ Funding Opportunities Identified

    World-class Experience

    The Skip team prides itself on giving you the attention and assistance your small business deserves.



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