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Congrats to our $5K Skip Growth Grant Finalists

Vote for your favorite among the 10 finalists selected in the $5k Skip Growth Grant competition! The small business with the most votes will be selected as the $5k grant recipient.

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You can only vote for one finalist. Voting closes October 20th. Winner announced October 24th.

C3 Cake Designs

How They’ll Use the Grant: C3 Cake Designs would use the grant to invest in high-quality baking supplies, add additional work space and attend an industry-related workshop to further expand their baking skills within the cake design community, ultimately attracting more clients and growing their business. 

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Onyx & Gold

How They’ll Use the Grant: Onyx & Gold would like to invest more into the depth of their inventory. They’d like to provide more sizes for inclusion and invest more money into their marketing and branding. This would allow them to reach more customers.

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Rozzie Fitness

How They’ll Use the Grant: Rozzie Fitness, a new personal training gym that offers an open and inclusive space for all exercisers, would use the grant to buy a second set of dumbbells and kettlebells. An additional set of weights would allow them to maximize their expanded space and help even more people stay healthy.

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Two Two Fashion

How They’ll Use the Grant: Two Two, a concept space for fashion, craft, and community, would use the grant to add additional operating hours, staff support, and creative programming in time for their 1 year anniversary.

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Fearless Educator

How They’ll Use the Grant: Fearless Educator would use the grant to help create marketing material for future educational conferences. The marketing materials will include new banners, new backdrops, and a selfie stand. They would also use the grant for vendor space at two upcoming educational conferences in Texas and Louisiana.

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Jilly’s Music Room

How They’ll Use the Grant: Jilly’s Music Room would use the grant to create a "Free Shows Fall" program that would allow them to both support and pay their musician community to perform and offer their guests free entry so they can enjoy shows without having to buy a ticket or pay a cover charge.

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Skkool World Entertainment

How They’ll Use the Grant: Skkool World Entertainment would use the grant to buy new studio equipment, secure an office space for music production and content creation, get office furniture, and hire an engineer and cameraman. Overall this grant would improve the productivity and efficiency of the business.

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Couture Galure

How They’ll Use the Grant: Couture Galure, a black-owned business that provides apparel and accessories, would use the grant to move out of their current location (which is scheduled to close soon) and into a better location with more foot traffic. They’ll also use the grant to maintain an optimal level of inventory.

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Gigi’s New Orleans Snowballs

How They’ll Use the Grant: Gigi’s would use the grant to get a second Snow Wizard machine for their snowballs business and better serve the demand in their community.

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How They’ll Use the Grant: Leadifire plans to supercharge its AI-powered lead generation tool, reaching even more businesses, and driving growth. Leadifire is all about revolutionizing the way businesses connect with their ideal prospects. This grant will fuel their mission to empower businesses with smarter lead generation.

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