6 Voter Resources to Follow for 2020 Election Information

knowledge Sep 02, 2020

The 2020 U.S. election is now just 2 months away and voting rules and regulations are still changing constantly due to the COVID-19 crisis. To help you keep up, we reached out to voting organizations all over the country to hear about their latest resources. In this post, you’ll find all the voting resources you need for the 2020 election. Once you’re ready to vote, we can help with our mail-in ballot tracker.

Want to Register to Vote or Check your Registration?

Vote.org is a nonpartisan, one-stop-shop for all the information you need about your rights as a voter. The Vote.Org team put together this election protection guide to help voters make sure their vote is counted. They also have a tool you can use to make sure you are registered to vote at the right address, which is crucial for mail in voters.

Want to Understand the Technology your Voting Precinct Uses?

Verified Voting is the only national database that tracks the tools that precincts around the country use for in-person voting, whether they use paper ballots, ballot marking devices, or even digital voting systems. Check out their Verifier tool to see what system your district uses and how secure it is. If the systems for in person voting in your county are not secure or you don’t feel safe voting in-person due to the virus, you can register to vote by mail, which we can help you track for free.

Vote411, a nonpartisan website run by the League of Women Voters, has created a COVID-19 election updates page with the latest information on coronavirus safety precautions and election changes due to the pandemic, state by state. Like Vote.Org, Vote411 also has an interactive tool you can use to check your voter registration.

Want to Read Detailed Guides About the Candidates?

VoteSmart is a free resource with detailed information on electoral candidates both local and national. Their voting information page provides biographies, ratings, voting history and more on candidates by zip code. They even have a tool that allows voters to find their “political soulmate” by answering questions and then seeing how their answers compare to different candidates.

Want to Know if You Need an ID to Vote in Your State?

Some states require a photo ID to vote. You may have to provide a copy of your ID when you request a mail-in ballot. Spread the Vote can help you get an ID if you don't have one, and has an interactive map you can use to check if you are required to provide an ID to vote. Spread the Vote is also running various campaigns to increase voter turnout this election, which you can get involved with at lastelection.org.

Want to Track Mail-in Ballot Information and Requests?

TrackYourBallot.org, powered by our team at Skip, helps you find out the latest mail-in voting information. We also provide links on how to request a mail-in ballot in your state if you need to, and a way to track your progress toward Election Day and casting your vote. In the coming weeks, TrackYourBallot.org will also provide real-time polling results to show you how early voting is going, based on self-reporting data.

The Latest Mail-in Ballot Information, powered by TrackYourBallot.org (updated Sep 2020)

Thanks for Staying Informed

It is key for voters to know the latest rules and regulations. With the help of these resources, you’ll be able to vote confidently and have everything you need to cast your ballot, whether in a polling place or from home. We will be updating the Skip blog regularly with voting information.

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