Announcing our $500 Grants Program

covid-19 Mar 26, 2021

Today, we're announcing our $500 grant program for small businesses and individuals.

Since March 2020 we have helped nearly a quarter of a million small business and independent contractors navigate grants, loans, funding, and information. Since July 2020 we have been donating our YouTube revenue to give out grants (from $100 to $1,200) to subscribers of our channel and users of our app.

We wanted to go further to help businesses in a meaningful way, and double down on our commitment as part of our #SkipForGood effort.

Starting Monday March 29th, we'll begin our $500 grants program. Three times per week — every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday — we will pick a $500 winner, until further notice.

Here's how it works and how to enter.

  1. You must be a user of the Skip app (must be signed in to the app), subscriber of our YouTube channel, and follower of our Instagram channel. You must do all three to be eligible.
  2. Create an Instagram post* about how you've helped other small business owners or individuals over the past year. Any feel good story will do, and this can be sharing information with others or helping them in person.
  3. On Instagram, don't forget to be following us, tag us at @hello.skip, and use the hashtag #SkipForGood.
  4. You can enter once per week for a chance to win one of three $500 grants. (Cut-off for submissions for the upcoming week is Sunday night at 11:59pm PT.)
  5. Don't feel like posting on Instagram or don't have Instagram? Our Skip Plus users will automatically get one entry every week. You can start a 15 day trial here. (You can still do an Instagram post and get an extra entry!)

*Videos posts along with Stories usually work best but you can do whatever you're most comfortable with.

How winners are chosen:

  • Winners will be chosen at random each week and announced the following Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on our Instagram.
  • You can re-enter with a new post each week for more chances to win!
  • We’ll announce our first winner on Monday, March 29 on our Instagram.
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