Check Targeted EIDL Grant Status on Your SBA Portal

eidl grant Feb 23, 2021

Breaking news tonight on everyone awaiting updated on the Targeted EIDL Grants. You know ā€” that $40 billion for Targeted EIDL Grants (and $15 billion more in the proposed stimulus package).

New communication from the SBA is out which will make it easier for you to understand if you're in the SBA Targeted EIDL Grant queue or not. Here's what you should know and as we learn more we'll be updating this post.

šŸ“Œ Update Saturday February 27th: We've added more information on confirming your Targeted EIDL Grant Application at bottom of post.

SBA Is Emailing Folks Who've Submitted Targeted EIDL Grant Application

We learned tonight that the SBA is emailing folks who've submitted Targeted EIDL grant applications. The email looks like this, generically telling the person that their "status has been updated"

Targeted EIDL Grant Email from SBA

Before we talk about what's changed, two important points:

At this moment, the Targeted EIDL Grants are invite-only. The SBA will contact you if you might qualify. We covered what the email looks like and what the new application looks like here if you're invited.

Second, if you haven't heard from the SBA yet, don't worry, you're not alone. According to our data (and corroborated by our survey), 75% of folks are still waiting on the SBA.

SBA Is Showing Targeted EIDL Grant Status on Your Portal

Based on these emails when you login to your SBA portal ā€” and if you filled out a Targeted EIDL Grant application ā€” you'll see something like this:

Targeted EIDL Grant Status on SBA Portal

As of this moment, it is unclear whether this new status is just showing for folks who've received an email invite and have applied for the Targeted EIDL grant. We're looking into this now and collecting data.

However, even if you're able to see status and you haven't been invited or applied, it might not be universal. So, our best advice at the moment is to still remain patient for the SBA to reach out. However, if you are curious, you can of course pop onto your SBA dashboard to see if there is any status change for you, or if there's any indication of progress or not.

Targeted EIDL Grant Confirm Application

The last note is to make sure you "Submit" your Targeted EIDL Grant application after signing your 4506-T form. You'll see the above modal alert ā€” click Submit. Once you submit, you'll see the Status change to "Submitted".

Targeted EIDL Grant Submitted Application

We'll keep you posted as we learn more and we'll be sharing more details as the come in, including on tomorrow's YouTube video update on our Skip channel.

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