Exclusive: $2M EIDL Loan Cap Go Live Details

eidl loans Aug 12, 2021

Today we've heard from multiple sources — with confirmed screenshots — that the SBA plans to launch "EIDL 2.0" the week of August 16th, which will allow for EIDL loans of up to $2 million, replacing the current $500,000 cap that has been in place since March.

No further details have been released about what actions may be needed — for example, if action will be required on the SBA portal or not.

We have a new EIDL loan increase calculator on our website when you're logged in. We'll keep you posted here and on the Skip Funding Tracker.

Here is a copy of the $2 million EIDL loan cap screenshot directly from the SBA webinar, plus, a screenshot from the AHLA confirming the go-live date the week of August 16th.

EIDL 2.0 Details
AHLA Confirmation of EIDL 2.0 Go Live Date

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