How Can I Renew My Car Registration in California?


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Here's a quick guide to renewing your vehicle registration in California which we hope will save you time. In California, you can renew your car registration online or in person, so take your pick.

Renew California Car Registration Online

Here are the steps to renewing your California car registration online if you have a received a renewal notice:

  1. Go to the California DMV car registration website
  2. Type in your License Plate and your Last 5 digits of Vehicle ID Number (VIN)
  3. Make sure your primary address in the system is correct
  4. Pay the amount the system shows you

Renew California Car Registration in Person

Here are the steps to renewing your California car registration in person if you have received a renewal notice:

  1. Go to any California DMV office
  2. Bring your renewal notice or current registration certificate and your valid CA driver's license
  3. Pay for the car registration renewal fee

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