Is Your Voter Registration Deadline This Week?

elections Oct 06, 2020

With the U.S. election day less than 30 days away,  voter registration deadlines are coming up quickly. In many states, deadlines are this week. Read on to learn if your state registration deadline is this week, and how to make sure you are registered to vote and your ballot is counted for this election.

What States Have Voter Registration Deadlines This Week?

In our most recent Skip poll, we found that 70A% of our users wanted to vote this year. If you are planning on voting in this election (and we hope you are), make sure you are registered to vote in time. Here are this week’s deadlines:

  • Tuesday, October 6: Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico
  • Wednesday, October 7: Missouri
  • Friday, October 9: Idaho, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma

If you’re not registered yet, it’s not too late to get it done by the deadline.

How Can I Get Help Registering to Vote?

In most states, you will need an address to register to vote and some form of identification, either a drivers’ license number or a social security number. You can register to vote online.

You can get help registering to vote with,  Rock the Vote, and other voter advocacy groups. You can find more information about voter advocacy groups we trust in this post, and once you are registered we can help you track your ballot.

Most states also have an online voter registration tool or website. You can search for your state’s local board of elections to find more information.

How Can I Make Sure My Mail-in Ballot Gets Counted?

More people than ever are planning to vote by mail this year. Unfortunately, every year mail-in ballots are thrown out because they are filled out incorrectly or damaged.  During the primaries, thousands were tossed out. Here are some tips to make sure your ballot is filled out correctly:

  • Sign it. If you don’t sign your ballot when you’re done filling it out, in most states it will be thrown out. Make sure your signature on the ballot matches your signature on file with the government (the one on your license, or the one on your registration form), because if they look too different, your ballot will be rejected.
  • Keep the envelope and ballot intact. Some states throw out ballots, if they, or the envelope that they were sent in, are ripped or damaged in any way.
  • Fill out the ballot carefully. Make sure that every part of the ballot is filled out correctly.  For example, if you are asked to provide your birthdate, don’t just put two digits of the year you were born—put the full four. Small mistakes are often the reason ballots are rejected.
  • Follow instructions. Ballot Instructions are very specific: election officials usually request voters use black or blue ink and, like standardized tests, voters are asked to fill in ovals rather than marking them with an X or checkmark. Follow all the directions to be sure your ballot isn’t rejected.
  • Mail it on time. Check the mail-in ballot deadline for your state (in most states, it’s election day, but not all). Postmark your ballot early to be sure that it is counted.

Register to Vote Now

However you want to vote, whether by mail or in person, registering and voting early is key to making sure your voice is heard in this election. Make sure you watch for deadlines, and follow all instructions to be sure that your ballot is counted. Follow along with us on the Skip blog as we share election updates and info.

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