Quick Tips for EIDL Applications and Getting Approved

eidl Sep 26, 2021

Here's a quick recap on how to get approved for EIDL loans of up to $2 million, whether you're a first time EIDL applicant, applying for EIDL reconsideration, or applying for an EIDL increase. Plus, we go over how to 10X your EIDL loan to grow your business, how to get approved for a $10,000 EIDL grant (and check eligibility) and how to claim your EIDL or PPP funding data.

We've captured all of this in a few of our most recent videos from this past week. As always, if you'd like personalized 1-1 support for your EIDL or funding situation, you can use this invite link to skip the 2,000+ wait list and book a time to speak with us.

How To Get Approved for EIDL Loan

In the below video, we go over applying for an EIDL loan for the first time (and why the time is NOW). Plus, how to apply for reconsideration and the EIDL priority window if you are still in reconsideration. And finally, what you should know about the EIDL loan increase and EIDL 2.0, what date to keep in mind, and how to prepare.

How To Get $10,000 EIDL Grant (ASAP)

In the below video, we talk about the $10,000 Targeted EIDL Grants, which still have over $20 billion in funding — and why you should double check your eligibility now and tell a friend. This funding may be taken away from the SBA any day now as a result of Congress. Quickly double check and see if you're eligible and tell someone who might be eligible.

How To Claim Your EIDL or PPP Records

In the below video, we talk about existing EIDL and PPP funding records, that are publicly available — and how you can "claim" your records on the Skip database and link your existing EIDL or PPP funding to the free Skip funding tracker.

How to 10X Your EIDL Loan To Grow Your Business

In the below video, we talk about how to grow your EIDL loan amount with investments — and what you can potentially do to put your business and yourself in a stronger position based on the available funding.

📌 Pro-tip: Have questions about EIDL 2.0, including reconsideration, new collateral requirements, or getting approved? Get ongoing personalized funding help from our team. There are over 2,000 on the waiting list to get help. You can skip the wait list completely with this invite link, exclusive to our readers.

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