How To Apply for SBA EIDL Reconsideration (with Template)

eidl loan Oct 03, 2021

According to our recent YouTube poll, 36% of people have been denied an EIDL loan or EIDL loan increase. Below is a template you can copy and customize to use as a starting point to email the SBA about EIDL loan reconsideration.

If you have questions about this we'll be doing a live Q&A on Friday, July 23rd from 1pm-3pm PST / 4pm-6pm EST on our app. This is available for Skip Plus members. If you're not a member, you can start a free trial here.

EIDL Loan Increase Survey - July 20, 2021

EIDL Loan Reconsideration Template

  1. Click here to email yourself the template
  2. Open the email and click the link to open up the Document Template. We recommend opening this on your computer.
  3. Edit the document with your business information and situation specific information
  4. Email with the letter, saved as a pdf, as an attachment

What's in the EIDL Loan Reconsideration Template

The EIDL Reconsideration Template includes:

  • What business information to include
  • Who to send the EIDL reconsideration letter to
  • What key asks to include in the EIDL reconsideration letter
  • What information to proactively address in the letter

The template is succinct — and for most cases that's likely the best approach. The goal of the EIDL loan reconsideration letter is to get a loan officer to take a second look at your application — and then get in touch with you if they have further questions. Go ahead and email yourself the template, and get in your EIDL loan increase reconsideration letter

How Can I Get More EIDL and Funding Help?

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