SBA Gives EIDL Approval Tips in 1-1 Interview

eidl loan Oct 03, 2021

We spoke with a senior policy advisor at the SBA on Friday October 1st to get in-depth answers to your most pressing EIDL questions. Here is the video interview, where our founder Ryder speaks with Veronica Pugin of the SBA. Plus, we give a brief outline of the range of topics that the interview covered.

Tips for Anyone Who's Applying for EIDL Loans

In this interview, we hear directly about SBA EIDL improvements over the summer and their policy changes. We also get answers to some of the most common problems facing applicants, including tax transcript issues and bank error issues.

We also spend time talking about EIDL 2.0 and loan amounts over $500K. This includes clarifications on collateral and what the SBA loan officers will look for in their review and what's required. Plus, we hear about tips on what you should do know if you think you're eligible for a further EIDL loan increase.

Finally, at the end, we briefly cover Targeted EIDL grants, before Veronica shares final candid tips on what you should be doing know as a small business owner requesting EIDL funding, and how many people have already applied for EIDL increases over $500K.

SBA EIDL Tips: A Conversation With the SBA

Here's our video interview. Time stamps are available in the video description.

Get Personalized Help With EIDL & Funding

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