Breaking: SBA Opens EIDL Loan Increase Requests


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Last Updated April 7, 12pm PST

The SBA began inviting people to apply for EIDL loan increases yesterday afternoon. As promised in the original March 25 announcement, the SBA would reach out to previous EIDL loan applicants. Action is needed so please read on. The SBA has sent out hundreds of thousands of these emails, however we've received reports that some have ended up in spam folders. Even if you haven't received the email — but you have an EIDL loan — based on the information below, you can still take action.

Updates: Do not expect an auto reply from the SBA, if the email doesn't bounce back it went through. There are some reports the email address is sending errors due to volume.

👉 Click here for pre-populated email with subject & what to include, to the SBA

EIDL Loan Increase Email Is Sent

Here's part one of the email sent today that gives an overview of the EIDL increase including a summary of the changes — namely that EIDL loan limits are now $500,000, up from $150,000.
EIDL Loan Limit Increase Email Part 1

Action: If Interested, Email the SBA

Here is part 2 of the email on what to do.

In short, if you're interested:

Be sure to include identifying information for your loan in the body of the email, including business address, business owner, loan number, and application number, and phone number. Do not include any financial documents or tax records in the initial request.

👉 Click here for pre-populated email with subject & what to include, to the SBA
EIDL Loan Limit Increase Email Part 2

More EIDL Loan Increase Information

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