SBA Releases Comprehensive EIDL & PPP Data (Report)

eidl advance Feb 15, 2021

The Small Business Administration (SBA) recently released a 23-page report on PPP loan, EIDL loan, and EIDL grant data. It's the most comprehensive report and narrative we've seen since these programs began 1 year ago. Here are some of the highlights, which we've also covered in today's YouTube video.

Let's start with the PPP updates and then shift to EIDL land.

PPP Loans Are Making Steady Progress

If you're still waiting this might be somewhat encouraging news. We know you'd rather have your PPP loan request approved already, but the SBA is approving around $4-5 billion in loan amounts on a daily basis now.

The current PPP loan round 2 progress is steady, according to SBA data

Secondly, the PPP program is successfully reaching smaller borrowers. 94% of all loans are less than $250,000.

Current PPP loan round average loan amount

If you're still waiting — or your held up with one lender — you can consider applying with a second or third lender. Here are three options: Funding Circle, Bluevine, or Credibly.

Nearly 4 Million EIDL Loans Have Been Approved

Since last April, over 3.7 million EIDL loans have been approved for a total amount of $199.4 billion. What's notable about this distribution — and expected — is that 78% of all loans are less than $100,000.

Again, the "small" in small business comes across in the size of loan amounts and the long tail of small loans. Even 65% of all EIDL loans are less than $50,000.

Average EIDL loan amounts since April 2020

Most EIDL Advances Have Gone to 1-2 Person Businesses

Also as expected, the majority of EIDL Advances have gone to the 1 to 2 person businesses. According to the data, 62% of all EIDL Advances were either $1,000 or $2,000. In fact, 51% of Advances were $1,000.

Another note from the EIDL Advance data is that there were over 8 billion EIDL Advance applications in the first round, and 71% of these were approved for some amount of EIDL Grant funding.

In fact, of the 8 million applications, the SBA says $28 billion was requested. The program had a total of $20 billion that was used. This shows only $8 billion was "oversubscribed" and we know have an additional $40 billion (and likely more) in EIDL Advance funding.

EIDL Advance funding distribution

Final Thoughts

We'll keep you posted every time the SBA releases significant data, especially as it relates to these programs. Don't forget to subscribe to us on YouTube, too. Below is our latest video as well.

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