What It's Like Taking DMV Road Tests During COVID-19?

dmv Oct 22, 2020

Over a million people have taken their road tests across the US since COVID-19 — and they have all had a different type of driving test experience. It's a strange new road test reality — face masks, temperature checks, sanitary seat protectors. Here's a brief look at DMV road tests and how they've changed. We've also updated and expanded our ultimate DMV road test guides.

What Are DMV Driving Tests Like During Coronavirus?

By and large DMV's across the US started reopening for road tests around May or June 2020. By fall 2020, nearly all DMV driving tests were back to full operations — including many new weekend road tests slots to try to catch up on the backlog.

Even though each state conducts their own version of a road test (also known as a driving test or behind-the-wheel test), core parts are the same, and this includes COVID-19 procedure updates:

  • Examiners and test takers wear face masks throughout the entire road test
  • Most DMVs take temperature checks of all test takers ahead of time
  • Many DMV examiners also bring single-use paper to put down in the car
  • Most DMVs require that the car windows stay down throughout the test
How to pass your road test during covid

How Do I Get My Road Test Scheduled?

The first step in every state is passing your written test at an in-person office appointment. If you need an appointment for that, you can make one here, as well as get permit practice tests.

The second step is making your road test appointment. (Some states, like Illinois, don't require a road test appointment, but most do). You can make one here if necessary.

Third, be sure you spend the necessary preparing and practicing for your road test to maximize your chances of passing.

Finally, be sure you have a licensed driver with an approved car that's available to take you to your test. Rental cars aren't allowed. Driving schools can often help with this or you can reserve through our car and driver service.

How Do I Maximize My Chances of Passing My Road Test?

Each state has specific ways of conducting their road test, which includes important things you should absolutely know about if you want to pass. Of course, being a safe and experienced driver, and knowing the laws and rules of the road, are the most important things.

We've published ultimate road test guides for every single US state.

We highly-recommend every person taking their road test review their state's guide, to quickly get an important overview of the test in their state, common mistakes and tips to keep in mind.

What Happens After I Pass My Road Test?

Boom, you've done it! Once you pass, you'll get a temporary license and your permanent license will come in the mail. Depending on your age — if you're still a teen driver — you may have certain driving restrictions. Otherwise, you'll be able to hit the road and enjoy your new driver's license.

If there are any important road test updates — including changes due to coronavirus — we will continue to update these pages accordingly. And most importantly, stay well and stay safe!

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