Track EIDL Grants and Stimulus Checks

stimulus checks Dec 31, 2020

If you're trying to keep track of the new stimulus package, we're announcing 3 new features on our Skip app, available on the App Store or Google Play, or search "Hello Skip".

Skip EIDL Grant Tracker, Stimulus Tracker, and Vaccine Tracker

Calculate and Track Stimulus Check Distribution

The new stimulus checks began distribution on Tuesday evening. Calculate how much you can expect to receive and see how much progress is being made. If you received your stimulus check already, report it on the app.

Skip's Stimulus Check Calculator and Stimulus Check Tracker

Calculate EIDL $10K Grant Eligibility and Progress

There is $20 billion available for more small business grant funding, also known as EIDL emergency grants. This also applies to independent contractors or anyone with 1099-type income. See if your area qualifies under the 'low-income' provision and if you need to take any action.

Skip's EIDL Grant Tracker and EIDL Grant Eligibility

Ready to Track Stimulus Checks or EIDL Grant Eligibility?

Start tracking on the free Skip app, available on the App Store or Google Play, or search "Hello Skip".

Alternatively, take a look at our other posts on the Skip Blog. Our daily posts include detailed updates on the stimulus package, stimulus checks, healthcare news, infection news, and much more.

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