Ultimate Florida DMV Practice Permit Tests

Need some practice before taking your Florida DMV permit test (also known as your driver's permit test)? We've got you! We've helped tens of thousands review the most common and most difficult Florida driving permit questions — and confidently pass their permit test — and their driving test.

We can also help you with Florida DMV appointments as well as help you take your driving test with our car and driver service.

Who should use this Florida Permit Practice Test?

If you are trying to get your FL learner's permit, FL driver's license, FL senior citizens' refresher test, or renew your FL driver's license. Our goal with providing these free tests is to help you pass your FL permit test on the first try.

How many questions are on the Florida DMV Permit Test?

Currently there are 50 questions on the FL DMV Permit Test. You need to get 40 correct answers to pass the test — that's a passing score of 80%.

With Skip's FL DMV Practice Test, we keep things straightforward and simple. We go over the core information you should know, based on the FL DMV Driver's Handbook. In addition, we go over the "gotcha" questions — the most difficult questions that tend to trip people up.

Florida DMV Permit Practice Test Questions

Click here to take the Florida DMV Permit Practice Test.

Florida Permit Test — Next Steps

Did you take above test? Feel free to refresh and take it again.

Otherwise, if you're ready to take your test, you can book a DMV appointment here. We can also book road tests for you.

Or if you've already passed your permit test, and need a car or driver for your driving test, we can help you here.

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