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Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Driver's License in Virginia


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Thinking about getting your driver's license at the Virginia DMV? Here's exactly what you need to know to get your permit, pass your road test, and get your Virginia driver license.

Here's How to Get Your Virginia Driver's License

Here's what you'll need to get your Virginia license:

  1. Completed Driver’s License and Identification Card Application (Form DL 1P)
  2. Proof of identity, Social Security number, legal presence in U.S., and residency in Virginia
  3. Proof of registration and safety inspection for vehicle used for road test
  4. Payment for required fees: $3 for Learner’s Permit fee, $32 for Class D driver’s license fee

Here's what you'll need to do to get your Virginia license:

  1. Read the Virginia Driver Manual and take written practice tests online.
  2. Apply for your Learner’s Permit: submit the required documents and ID at the DMV; consider making a DMV appointment or getting a line waiting concierge
  3. At the DMV, submit the application for a driver's license, pay the fees, pass the written test, pass the vision test, receive your Learner’s Permit
  4. Once you're ready, schedule your road test on the DMV website or you can schedule on Skip. If you need a car or driver for your road test, you can schedule a road test concierge here.
  5. Before your road test, visit the ultimate Virginia DMV road test guide to find out more information about the Virginia driving test.
  6. Once you pass your road test you'll receive a temporary driver's license.

Here are Virginia driver's license exceptions to note:

  • Under age 18?  Then you will need to complete the Graduated Driver’s License program in order to obtain your Class D driver’s license.

Need more Virginia DMV or Virginia driver's license help?

Search the Skip blog or download the free Skip app on the App Store or Google Play. On the app, you can find more help, book services, and even ask our team questions via chat.

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