Ultimate Guide to Transferring Your Vehicle Title at the Georgia DMV

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January 02, 2021 1 min read


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Here's the ultimate guide to transferring your vehicle title at the Georgia DMV. We've simplified the entire process to save you time.

What You’ll Need to Transfer your Vehicle Title in Georgia

  • A completed and signed MV-1 Title/Tag Application.
  • Emission Inspection Certificate, if applicable.
  • Original valid title properly assigned to you. All recorded liens and/or security interests against the previous owner must be released in the spaces provided on the title.
  • Georgia liability insurance reported by your Insurance Company and on record with the Department.
  • Payment of all fees and/or taxes due: $20 license plate fee and $18 title fee
  • The ad valorem tax. The state of Georgia has a calculator that you can use to determine how much tax you will owe.

What You’ll Need to Do to Transfer your Vehicle Title in Georgia

  1. Visit any DMV office near you. Consider making a DMV appointment or getting a line waiting concierge.
  2. Start your MV-1 Motor Vehicle Title/Tag Application online before you visit the county tag office. If your vehicle is financed, enter the lienholder or security interest holder’s name, address in the spaces provided.
  3. Submit the required documents and ID.
  4. Submit the required payment.
  5. Receive a temporary vehicle title.
  6. Receive your vehicle title via U.S. mail.

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