Vaccine Pace Continues To Increase

stimulus Mar 04, 2021

A quick Thursday update on the positive vaccine news and our new social vaccine tracker. Thanks for tuning in and let's dive in.

Vaccine Progress Continues To Accelerate

The US vaccination effort has now surpassed an average of 2 million doses per day. This milestone was a sign of the momentum behind vaccine production and distribution over the past few weeks.

Yesterday, President Biden announced that any adult that wants to get a vaccine will be able to get one by May.

In addition, Johnson & Johnson's new vaccine started being distributed and administered this week and more mass vaccination sites are opening up around the country.

This all points to positive outcomes for livelihoods and the economy and more reopenings. Some states are already lifting restrictions.

Stimulus and Relief Efforts Are Also Going Strong

The new $1.9 trillion stimulus package, despite the changes yesterday that will eliminate millions from direct payments, is making progress.

The Senate is expected to vote on this package any day now, and, assuming it passes, it will then go to President Biden for his signature. The new direct payments could go out as soon as the end of the month.

Meanwhile for small businesses, PPP loan and EIDL grant distributions continue. Here's the latest on the targeted EIDL grant funding and how landlords or property owners can get financial relief.

Reopening Is on the Horizon

As part of our effort to help track vaccine progress, we released a brand-new feature to help you see progress as well as see which friends are tracking vaccines or who have received their vaccine. Time to check in on friends who, we hope, you'll be able to see soon.

Check out our social vaccine tracker, connect with Facebook, and share with friends! We'd love to hear what you think as one of the very first users of it.

And don't forget — we continue to post daily posts and videos on our app with important information. If you want to leave us feedback you can do so here. Or say hello to us on Instagram!

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