What are the Best Travel Insurance Companies for U.S. Travelers?

travel Oct 16, 2020

Last-minute travel cancellations or emergencies while away from home are a travelers’ nightmare, but unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances do happen. To prepare for whatever might come their way, including impacts from COVID-19, many travelers are choosing to buy travel insurance. Insurance policies vary widely and some cover more than others. So to help you choose quality travel insurance that covers all your needs, we have researched the best insurance options in the U.S.

Although all of the insurance companies below currently offer coverage for COVID-19 related impacts, policies change quickly and we encourage you to confirm coverage before booking any travel insurance plan. Read on to learn about the best travel insurance for any need, and as you plan future travel, make sure your passport is up to date with our passport concierge service.

Best Travel Insurance for Adventurous Travel: World Nomads

Many travel insurance policies don’t cover travelers who engage in adventure sports like jet skiing or cliff diving. World Nomads offer protection for even the most fearless travelers. Their “explorer” plan even covers shark cage diving. World Nomads also offers 24/7 online booking, even for travelers already abroad who didn’t purchase a plan before leaving. World Nomads is popular with young travelers.

Best Travel Insurance for Comprehensive Coverage: AIG Travel Guard

The best travel insurance plan to make sure you are covered regardless of why you have to cancel your trip is “Cancel for Any Reason,” or CFAR, coverage. AIG offers very comprehensive standard plans as well as an affordable CFAR option to add on to plans. AIG is best for travelers who want complete protection and peace-of-mind.

Best Travel Insurance for Plan Variety: Allianz

Most travel insurance companies only have 2 or 3 plan options for travelers to choose from. Allianz has ten, offering coverage ranging from basic emergency coverage to extensive coverage that reimburses even for inconveniences like delayed luggage. For travelers looking for coverage for specific needs, Allianz is a good option.

Best Travel Insurance for Medical Evacuation Coverage: John Hancock

Most travel insurance companies offer medical evacuation coverage (transportation to a hospital of the traveler’s choosing), but John Hancock’s is the most extensive,  covering up to $1 million in medical evacuation costs with their Gold plan. If you’re concerned about the costs of a medical emergency abroad, John Hancock is the best choice.

Best Travel Insurance for Lost Baggage Coverage: TravelSafe

TravelSafe offers up to $2500 in protection for lost baggage, which is much higher than most companies (many only cover up to $1000). If you are bringing valuables with you on your trip, TravelSafe is a good choice.

Get Insurance to Travel with Peace-of-mind

Don’t spend your travels worried about what could go wrong. Getting travel insurance, and making sure you have TSA PreCheck and an up-to-date passport, will give you the reassurance to enjoy your trip and stay safe regardless of what happens along the way. Make sure you choose a plan with coverage for what’s most important to you, whether it’s baggage, medical expenses, or cancellation reimbursement. Follow along with the Skip blog for more travel info and alerts on border openings, travel restrictions, and more.

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