What are the latest Mongolia travel requirements?

April 22, 2021 1 min read

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Here's the latest travel information for visiting Mongolia. This update includes the latest information from government agencies, including the US Embassies, and addresses if travel is allowed, if quarantine is required, if testing is required, and if vaccines are required.

Can you currently travel to Mongolia?

To keep this post as current as possible, see below chart for the latest information. You can also check the last updated date as well, and a link to the source for further reference.

How else can I find out about Mongolia travel requirements?

As the global travel situation continues to evolve, information can change on a daily or weekly basis. Specifically for Mongolia, we recommend checking with the US Embassy in Mongolia on entry and exit requirements, especially for returning to the US. A link to the most up-to-date source for Mongolia travel is in the above chart.

What else should I know about the latest travel requirements to Mongolia?

While checking requirements related to quarantine, testing, and vaccinations, don't forget to check your other documents, such as ensuring your passport is valid for at least another 6 months. We typically suggest you try to have at least a year of validity on your passport, given passport renewal times, and most countries require at least 6 months to enter. You can get help with your passport renewal with our door-to-door passport renewal service.

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