Which States Have Done the Best at Vaccine Distribution?

vaccine Jan 15, 2021

Vaccine distribution in the United States has been much slower than officials hoped. The CDC’s target was to vaccinate 20 million people by the end of 2020, and thus far, two weeks into 2021, only 11.1 million people have received at least one dose of the vaccine. But vaccine rollout varies vastly by state, with some larger states lagging far behind others on distributing their available vaccine stock. Is your state ahead or behind the curve? Find out below.

What States Are Ahead on Vaccine Distribution?

Some smaller states have taken swift action to distribute vaccines. West Virginia has distributed nearly 70% of its existing vaccine stock (about 90% of its first shots), the highest in the country. WV expects to have inoculated all nursing home residents by the end of January, with both shots.

Most states have distributed between 30% and 40% of their vaccine stock, on average. Other states ahead of the curve include North and South Dakota, which have distributed 61% and 57% of their vaccine stock, respectively, and Connecticut, which has distributed 51%.

Which States Are Behind on Distribution?

States with larger populations, especially those in the South, have fallen behind on distribution. Georgia has distributed the least vaccines nationwide, having thus far only distributed 20% of its vaccine stock. Georgia is only slightly behind Alabama, which has distributed only 22%.

Some states in the West are lagging as well. Idaho has distributed only 25% of its stock. Alaska and California have each distributed only 26%. Hawaii has distributed only 24%, while Arizona has distributed 27%.

The issues with distribution have stemmed partially from confusion over vaccine eligibility and difficulty scaling distribution networks. California opened vaccine eligibility to all residents over 65 this week, and so far the result has been chaotic, with many residents unsure where they can get vaccinated and when.

How is Vaccine Distribution Going Overall?

Although states vary, in general, the United States has lagged in distributing vaccines, with most states having distributed less than half of their currently available vaccine supply. Curious what percentage your state has reached? Check this list below, based on available CDC data. You can also download the Skip app and track your vaccine eligibility using our vaccine tracker.

Here's the list of states by percent of vaccines distributed:

Alabama: 22%

Alaska: 26%

Arizona: 27%

Arkansas: 32%

California: 26%

Colorado: 45%

Connecticut: 51%

District of Columbia: 48%

Florida: 42%

Georgia: 20%

Hawaii: 24%

Idaho: 25%

Illinois: 40%

Indiana: 36%

Iowa: 42%

Kansas: 33%

Kentucky: 43%

Louisiana: 42%

Maine: 42%

Maryland: 32%

Massachusetts: 33%

Michigan: 38%

Minnesota: 32%

Mississippi: 28%

Missouri: 31%

Montana: 49%

Nebraska: 40%

Nevada: 30%

New Hampshire: 44%

New Jersey: 40%

New Mexico: 41%

New York State: 35%

North Carolina:31%

North Dakota: 61%

Ohio: 34%

Oklahoma: 43%

Oregon: 35%

Pennsylvania: 37%

Rhode Island: 51%

South Carolina: 31%

South Dakota: 57%

Tennessee: 44%

Texas: 49%

Utah: 39%

Vermont: 42%

Virginia: 24%

Washington: 36%

West Virginia: 69%

Wisconsin: 31%

Wyoming: 31%

Follow along with the Skip blog and app to get more of the latest vaccine news as the rollout continues into the first months of Biden's presidency.

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