What is Skip?

Skip, at helloskip.com, is like AAA for government services. We are a mission-driven company to help people get access to critical government services and information. In light of COVID-19, we have worked a number of initiatives to help individuals and small businesses. This includes our our SBA EIDL loan progress tracker and unemployment progress tracker, both self-reporting tools to help you understand where you are in the line compared to others along with other important data and information. In addition we have built a COVID-19 help center available on the Skip dashboard. We have made many of Skip's services for free during this global pandemic. If you want access to more resources and if you want to support our mission, you can start a free 15 day Skip Plus trial, satisfaction guaranteed. Join tens of thousands of others who are getting personalized support and access to more critical resources and information.

What is the Skip Plus membership?

Skip Plus is like have a personal assistant for personal government services. The Skip Plus membership gives you access to 24/7 personal assistants to help answer your most pressing government service questions. Need help during the COVID-19 global pandemic with information, loans, or government programs? Need a passport renewed asap or need to get the DMV but don’t want to spend all day? Need us to research a visa procedure for you or enroll you in TSA PreCheck? We’ve got you covered. Any government service you need help with, our team will save you valuable time and get the best solutions for you. You can get help with your Skip Plus membership here

Specifically, what's included in the Skip membership?

Once you become a Skip Plus member, we send you a welcome letter and email and exclusive access to your Skip members-only dashboard.

This includes these free services, powered by YoGov: COVID-19 loan help, COVID-19 unemployment and loan trackers, Express DMV appointment service, DMV Real ID help, car registration reminders, parking ticket payment reminders, TSA PreCheck pre-enrollment.

In addition to these free services you get 24/7 access to our government service professionals. Anything you need help with, ask us. Whether that’s navigating a city permitting process, getting out of jury duty, applying for a travel visa, or replacing a lost driver’s license, we’ve got you.

Lastly, you get deep discounts on YoGov’s in-person services, which include door-to-door passport renewals, door-to-door road test help, and DMV line waiting.

How much is the Skip Plus membership?

The Skip Plus membership is free for the first 15 days afterwards its $7 per month, billed annually (most popular) or $9 per month billed monthly. If you need help with a government service only 2 times per year, the membership pays for itself. Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back, and we guarantee we’ll save you hours of stress and headaches.

What is the story behind Skip?

Skip was built by the team at YoGov.org. YoGov has been featured in media across the US, including NBC, ABC, CBS, and the San Francisco Chronicle. YoGov was founded in 2016 and is the #1 government services concierge company in the US, having helped nearly a million people in over 40 states get easier access to the government loans, unemployment insurance, DMV services, passports services, and much more.

In 2019, it became clear to the YoGov team that they could do even more to help people with government services. Skip was born as our membership program in early 2019 and was kept exclusive for the first 6 months. Skip was launched to the public in fall 2019.

How do I find out more about Skip or partner with Skip?

If you want to learn more about Skip, you can visit YoGov’s Help Center. If you’re interested in our business partnerships, we would love to connect! Check out our Business Partnerships Page or email us here. If you are a public sector interested in partnering, we would love to connect, too! You can email us here. Lastly, when you start a free 15-day Skip trial we send you a detailed welcome email with all your benefits.

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Join tens of thousands of people who have saved millions of hours of their lives with Skip.
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