Behind the Scenes with Skip's Government Service Concierges

dmv Nov 14, 2020

At Skip, we've been able to help over a million people navigate government services and there's one big secret to this: We have thousands of government service concierges helping people both online and offline. These concierges are like personal assistants but they've all learned ins and out of different government processes to help people when they need it the most.

This post is about the Skip concierges that are on the ground across the US — in nearly every state. We can't thank them enough for their dedication to helping people, especially when people need it the most.

We hope that if you try out one of our concierge services you'll get to meet a friendly concierge in the future. Their mission — like our mission — is to help you navigate government-related services and information.

We spoke to several concierges to share their stories and what they enjoy about being a Skip government services concierge.* (*Skip and Skip's concierges are third-parties not affiliated with any government entities).

Gearing Up: Becoming A Government Services Expert

Like other marketplaces, Skip has a network of concierges or contractors that help people directly on the ground. Via our Skip concierge app, concierges can directly assist clients, from waiting in line for them at the DMV, to assisting them with their driving test, to renewing their passports.

To do all of these effectively and save people time, concierges have to do their mini crash courses in government service expertise. For example, our most popular service is our road test concierge service where Skip concierges help people navigate their driving test. The good news for most of us is: Everyone with a driver's license has been through the dreaded road test experience. Skip concierges build on that knowledge and try to make it an exciting life milestone for someone.

“Being a Skip concierge is a great way to help others. I like explaining the process of navigating through government services in order for clients to feel more comfortable and confident about the process they’re entering,” said road test concierge Iris in Chicago.

Iris has learned the ins and outs of road test in Illinois and has been able to put people at ease who are preparing to take their test. Merci, a road test concierge in the Bay Area, said similar things about become a government services expert: “This is something where you are constantly learning. That’s why I choose to work with Skip clients."

Getting Going: Picking Up Trips And Helping Clients

Just like TaskRabbit or Amazon, Skip concierges are completely in charge of their schedules, when they can work and where they can work. This allows concierges flexibility to, say, take classes on the side, take care of their families, or pursue other flexible work opportunities.

For example, Concierge Merci said, “I can explore the greater Bay Area if I choose, or I can help someone more locally." Merci has been able to help clients across the entire Bay Area with both their road tests and waiting in line for them at the DMV.

Ruby is a concierge in Los Angeles who's been able to people with not only road tests but also with their passport renewals. “Working with Skip has been a wonderful experience, flexible and seamless,” said Ruby.

The Big Reward: Helping Someone Achieve a Major Life Goal

All of the concierges we spoke to said that one thing was by far their favorite part of working with Skip: being there for exciting moments in clients’ lives. Whether it’s seeing someone get their driver's license for the first time or renewing their passport for a big trip, Skip concierges are happy to be there to help someone.

“My role as a concierge with this company has been a delightful experience that never fails to leave a feel-good spirit in my life. Whether it be the joy on a client’s face after they finally pass the road test or when they receive their renewed passport with such ease and convenience, the client is the main focus in all of these jobs, and guiding them through the process is a prideful role I get to play for a few hours here in NY,” said concierge Sebrina in New York City.

Receiving a drivers' license is a milestone that, for many of our clients, means accessing independence, freedom, and even opportunities that they couldn’t before. “I enjoy working for Skip as a concierge driver because I have the honor of meeting new people and helping clients achieve their milestone of obtaining their driver's license…giving opportunities for those wanting to get their drivers’ license one client at a time,” said concierge Merci.

Concierge Ruby agreed echoed this, “It makes me happy to know I’ve helped someone become more independent in their activities of daily life,” she said.

We are grateful for Skip's concierges across the country in nearly every state. Big shoutout to everyone who's shared some of their favorite moments for this blog post. We hope you can meet one of them in the future when you too need help with a big life milestone!

And if you're interested in applying to be a Skip concierge, you can apply here.

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