How To Quickly Apply for this New $10K Grant Opportunity

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April 21, 2023 1 min read


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LISC in partnership with Verizon is back with its $10,000 grants program. LISC has given out thousands of grants since it launched this program in 2020, and applications are now open for this years grants.

If interested in applying quickly, track this Verizon $10K grant and see the application here. Watch the step-by-step video below from Ryder. And be sure to check out other grant and funding opportunities on the Skip app due soon.

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Verizon $10K Grant — How To Apply Successfully

The Verizon $10K grant applications are due May 12th. The application process may seem intimidating at first since there's a course requirement but this is actually very straightforward to complete.  

First, you'll need to register on the Verizon website and answer a handful of questions about your business.

After completing the onboarding on the Verizon website, you'll be shown a recommended course on the Verizon course portal. The time is says on most courses is around 30 minutes, but you can actually complete each on in a few minutes — especially if you already have a basic business sense already.

Overall the courses have good information, so here's a plug to go above and beyond if you want, and discover some courses that might help your business.

Completing the $10K Application After Completing Courses

Once you complete the 2 courses which you can do in a few minutes, you'll "unlock" the application. You'll see this at the top of the web page. Click Apply Now and run through the application.

The application starts with the basics we see on all grant applications — your information, your business information, how you identify, and multiple choice on how you plan to use the funding.

Then on the final step there are two free form questions where the application asks for information about your business and how you're impacting your community. Take the time to answer these even though they are optional.

Double check your answers, read the terms and conditions, then click Submit.

Afterwards, head back to the Skip Funding Assistant and mark your application as Applied! That's it.


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