National Women's Small Business Month is coming. Here's What We're Doing.

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May 30, 2023 1 min read


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October is National Women's Small Business Month, a recognition started by the US Small Business Administration (SBA). Today, there are over 13 million women-owned businesses in the US, making up 42% of all U.S. businesses and generating $1.9 trillion worth of revenue.

In honor of this, our team at Skip is featuring women-owned businesses and business owners — and we're giving our grants to women-owned businesses. This is part of the Skip $1,000 Grants that we've been doing for over 2 years, having given out over $100,000 to date.

We'll have more coming soon, but if you're interested in entering the grants, watch the video below.

Plus, since October 27th is Black Entrepreneur's Day, we also have a $1,000 grant for Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs that we'll be giving away. Watch the video below to see how to enter. More grants coming soon, stay tuned!

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To enter, go to your Skip Dashboard. After you've completed your Business Profile, go to "Add Funding" and add one of the following: "Skip's Women Entrepreneur $1K Grant" or "Skip's Black Entrepreneur $1K Grant".

Skip's $1K Grant for October 2022

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