Need a Job? Think About Applying for A Role in the Unemployment Office

covid-19 Jun 03, 2020

With unemployment still at a record high, federal unemployment bonuses set to expire soon, and millions more jobs expected to be lost in  June, many Americans are struggling to find work. The small silver lining of this difficult time, however, is that many unemployment offices are hiring to fill the increased demand.  Although jobs with the unemployment office are unlikely to be permanent, since most of them are "surge" positions put in place to deal with an uptick in demand, they could be a great solution if you need a job quickly that allows you to help others in your community. Read on to learn about states hiring for more unemployment workers! We will be updating this post as we  learn about new postings.

The California EDD is Hiring 1800 Workers

The California Employment Development Department is hiring 1,800 temporary staff, both full time and part time, to process applications. Positions will be both at home and in office.

Positions include accounting officers, program managers and more. The EDD is especially keen to hire multi-lingual persons who speak Mandarin,Vietnamese, Spanish, and Cantonese.

You can apply here.

The Illinois Department of Employment Security is Hiring

The Illinois Department of Employment Security is hiring people to process unemployment claims as well as help connect applicants to new opportunities. Over 1 million residents of the state have filed for unemployment since March.

You can apply here.

The Oregon  Employment Department is Hiring

As unemployment claims have increased more than six times since the shelter-in-place order was put in place in Oregon, the Oregon Employment Department has committed to hiring more staff to clear the agency's backlog of applications.

You can apply and learn more here.

Even if your state is not listed here, you may be able to get a job with your state's unemployment office. Try looking at your state's website and searching under the "jobs" tab.

We also have other resources available for jobsearchers here on Skip; check out our unemployment tracker to see self-reported data from unemployed Americans on whether they have received their benefits and our unemployment content. And if you haven't already, try out Skip Plus free for 15 days and get access to all the content that you need to manage this challenging time, help with loan applications and other government services, small business support and more.

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