SBA Begins Accepting Targeted EIDL Grant Reconsiderations

eidl grant Jul 07, 2021

The SBA began allowing people to email to be reconsidered for their Targeted EIDL Grant if they've been denied. The SBA announced this late yesterday, and it's welcome news for the high percentage of people who've been denied.

Of all of the people who've had a decision with regards to their Targeted EIDL Advance, 60% have been approved and 40% have been denied. Here's all of the reasons people have been denied.

This is a similar email process to the EIDL Loan Increase we detailed here.

Action: Send Targeted EIDL Grant Re-evaluation Email

👉 Click here for pre-populated email with subject & what to include, to the SBA

Here are the specific instructions from the SBA if you're curious for the full info:

Targeted EIDL Advance Re-evaluation Instructions

More Targeted EIDL Grant Re-evaluation Information

This is breaking news. We will be updating this post as more information becomes available. In particular, what reconsideration information might be helpful for the SBA to make a positive determination in your favor.

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