The Skip $10K Grant Has Been Extended, Here's Why.

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December 15, 2023 2 min read


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In a significant move to empower US entrepreneurs, the Skip $10K grant, which was initially set to conclude on December 15, has now been extended until December 31. This two-week extension isn't just a mere prolongation of time; it represents a crucial opportunity for applicants to refine their submissions with a groundbreaking tool at their disposal.

The Reason Behind the $10K Extension

The primary reason for this extension is the introduction of Skip's innovative AI feature, a cutting-edge tool designed to provide real-time feedback on grant applications. This AI technology isn't just a passive evaluator; it actively assists users by indicating the strengths and weaknesses of their responses. More impressively, it offers concrete, actionable tips for enhancing their answers.

Addressing the Core Challenge of Grant Quality

Over the years, Skip has reviewed hundreds of thousands of grant responses, and a consistent issue has emerged: the quality of these submissions. This challenge isn't unique to grant applications; it's a hurdle faced by many entrepreneurs in various aspects of their business communication. Skip's new AI feature is set to change this narrative.

How the AI Feature Transforms Grant Applications

This AI tool does more than just assess; it educates and empowers. Applicants receive instant feedback, helping them understand what makes a strong application. The AI's suggestions are tailored, specific, and geared towards elevating the overall quality of the submission. This means that entrepreneurs are not only better positioned to win the grant but also to enhance their business writing skills in general.

Using Skip AI to Get Real-Time Feedback on Answers

Skip's Mission Behind Grants

At its core, Skip has always been about empowering entrepreneurs. This extension and the introduction of the AI feature underscore Skip's commitment to providing entrepreneurs with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed. Whether it's discovering funding options or improving business skills, Skip's mission is to be a catalyst for growth and success in the entrepreneurial community.

Final Thoughts: Apply for the $10K Grant Today

The extension of the Skip $10K grant deadline is more than just extra time; it's an opportunity for US entrepreneurs to harness a powerful new tool to improve their grant writing skills significantly. With this AI-assisted enhancement, applicants are not only vying for a substantial grant but also gaining invaluable skills that will serve them in all facets of their business endeavors. Applicants can use this feature across dozens of other grant opportunities. Good luck!

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