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August 29, 2023 2 min read


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As part of Skip's 2023 Release, we're introducing major changes to help entrepreneurs at all stages and small business owners. For years, we have witnessed the tenacity of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Their spirit of entrepreneurship is commendable, but it's also evident that securing appropriate funding remains a significant hurdle.

Our summer 2023 product release has 10 features geared to help small businesses and entrepreneurs overcome this challenge. Read below for a full summary of the changes or watch the video as our founder Ryder Pearce talks about these major changes.

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Most Small Businesses Fail Due To Lack of Funding

Did you know that there are 33 million small businesses in the US? In addition, millions of new businesses will start this year alone. However, most small businesses fail. 38% of businesses that fail cite not having funding as the reason they don't survive. It's heart-wrenching to witness dreams shutter primarily because of financial constraints.

Last year, we took our initial steps in addressing this problem by introducing the Skip Funding Assistant – a tool aimed at helping businesses discover potential grants and funding. It was a huge success. Yet, we realized the journey doesn't end at discovery; it's about ensuring a successful funding application process.

Revolutionizing Small Business Funding with Skip's Summer 2023 Release

Today, we’re proud to unveil 10 breakthrough features geared to help small businesses more successfully get funding. Explore these all on the Skip Dashboard.

  1. Categorized View of Fundings: Navigate through fundings based on their popularity, our recommendations, impending deadlines, or the ones you're keenly tracking.
  2. Personalized Filters: Zero in on the right grants or loans. Whether you're a minority entrepreneur, a woman, or you're simply looking to explore all open avenues, our filters have got you covered.
  3. Deep Dive Funding Insights: Each funding opportunity now comes with invaluable insights – from application tips to estimated timelines and essential prerequisites.
  4. Your Personal Funding Dashboard: With the "My Funding" tab, track your applications, gauge your progress, and organize your applied fundings.
  5. Never Miss a Deadline: Push notifications and email reminders ensure you're always ahead of your application deadlines.
  6. The Grants Vault: A game-changer that lets you store and repurpose your grant application responses, speeding up your future applications significantly.
  7. Direct Expert Consultation: Unsure about a specific grant? Schedule a session with our in-house experts for tailored advice.
  8. Centralized Document Storage: Keep all your crucial funding-related documents in one secure location for easy access during applications.
  9. Learn from the Best: Join our weekly webinars via the app, where experts share insights on funding and offer business growth strategies.
  10. Share & Earn: Noticed a grant that could benefit a peer? Share it directly, and get credited for your gesture of goodwill.

Accelerating Skip Grants To More Entrepreneurs

In addition to these major changes, we are increasing the number of grants we're allocating to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Here are two Skip grants that are currently active:

Helping All US Entrepreneurs Succeed

At Skip, we're driven by the vision of a world where passionate small business owners are no longer constrained by funding challenges. With these features, we hope to change the narrative surrounding business closures due to cash crunches.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Let’s redefine small business funding, one feature at a time!

Continue to explore and let Skip empower your entrepreneurial journey. Explore these features on your Skip Dashboard.

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