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To date, Skip has directly helped tens of thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs. Here are a few recent small business success stories. You can also see our hundreds of 5 star reviews on TrustPilot.

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Skip Business & Funding Assistance Case Studies

Affexionate Cuisine Finds Grants Success With Skip

When Anwar Molette, proprietor of Affexionate Cuisine - a cherished family-run catering and restaurant business based in Georgia, approached Skip, he was seeking more than just financial assistance. His goal was to secure grant and loan support that would enhance the financial health of his business. However, he soon realized the importance of strengthening his credit score before venturing into loan programs. Alongside our Credit Consultation Specialist, Anwar decided to focus primarily on capitalizing on grant opportunities that suited both his role as a business owner and the nature of his enterprise.

In the early spring, under the expert guidance of the Skip team, we embarked on a mission to build a comprehensive Grant Repository, a project aimed at collating and applying to an array of grant programs. By understanding Anwar's unique needs and eligibility, we were able to tailor our support towards finding grants that were an optimal match for Affexionate Cuisine. This focused approach led to Anwar becoming a recipient of the prestigious Backing Small Businesses Grant, a joint initiative by AmEx and Main Street America. This particular grant, worth $5,000, was a substantial boon for Anwar's business.

The award not only provided immediate financial relief but also positioned Affexionate Cuisine in the running for a further $25,000 enhancement grant at year-end. Anwar expressed his heartfelt gratitude for Skip's support and plans to utilize the grant funds to bolster his business's working capital expenses. This success story stands as a testament to the personalized assistance and financial guidance offered by Skip, as we continue to empower small business owners like Anwar to navigate the complex world of grants and business finance.

β€” Skip Client Success Manager JenΓ©e Zamorano

Destination CCL Soars High with Skip: A Success Story

Destination CCL, led by Mary DeSpain and her husband, is a one-of-a-kind travel agency that specializes in providing attorneys an enriching travel experience alongside their families while earning their continuing education. Their unique business model, which involves funding trips in advance and collecting payments post-trip, brought them to Skip. When they secured one of their largest contracts, they found themselves in need of substantial upfront funding for trip advances.

When Mary joined Skip, her credit situation was already stable, but she required guidance in identifying the right sources for government funding. Navigating such an unfamiliar landscape can be daunting, and Mary wasn't sure where to begin. She was in need of $200k for her unique business model to function smoothly. Following an in-depth business plan development and the gathering of all necessary documentation, we submitted an application on Mary's behalf to Newtek, a renowned financial services provider.

After an anticipated waiting period of three weeks, Mary's diligence and promptness in providing required documentation paid off. While she didn't receive the full $200k initially requested, she was granted $100k in funding. This significant amount was sufficient to cover the costs of her upcoming trip, and Mary was overjoyed at the result. Mary's successful funding venture with Skip has set the stage for future collaboration. She intends to utilize Skip's services when she's ready to seek additional funding for her trailblazing travel agency. This case study underscores the power of Skip's tailored support in helping businesses secure the funding they need to reach new heights.

β€” Skip Client Success Manager Elesha Keaton

Driving Growth at a Pioneering Waste Management Firm: A Skip Success Story

Shirrena Davis is the proud owner of the first female-run Bio Hazardous waste removal company in her state, breaking barriers and setting new standards. Despite the success of her company, she found herself in need of $50k to expand her operations by purchasing two additional trucks, hiring more staff, and repairing a truck currently out of commission. However, the challenge of securing this necessary funding was heightened due to credit issues. That's when Shirrena turned to Skip for help.

We began our collaboration by focusing on stabilizing Shirrena's credit score, a critical component in accessing funding. To her credit, Shirrena was highly responsive and diligent in taking the necessary steps to improve her credit situation, which significantly expedited the process. With her credit stabilized, we proceeded to apply for an SBA Microloan from LiftFund, a community lender dedicated to helping small businesses. The result was a success story in the making: less than a month later, Shirrena was approved for her $50k loan.

By the time of our next monthly call, Shirrena had already received her funds and swiftly put them to work. She had purchased the two trucks, expanded her team, and repaired her existing truck, thus ensuring a continuation of her crucial services. Going forward, our partnership with Shirrena is set to continue as we explore potential grant opportunities to further grow her groundbreaking enterprise. This success story underscores Skip's commitment to guiding clients through their financial journey, from credit repair to accessing critical funds for business expansion.

β€” Skip Client Success Manager Elesha Keaton

Miss American Pie Wins Big With Skip: A Success Story

Lindsey Hill, the driving force behind New York-based Miss American Pie, embarked on a journey with Skip to secure grant funding from The Greg Hill Foundation. This partnership was crucial for Lindsey's business to thrive and expand. To ensure a successful grant application, a strategic, detail-oriented, and personalized methodology was adopted, which involved aligning Lindsey's unique qualifications and business needs with the foundation's mission and grant stipulations.

As a first step, we thoroughly familiarized ourselves with the foundation's goals, allowing us to effectively tailor Lindsey's application to resonate with the grant's requirements. Working in close collaboration with Lindsey, we were able to weave a compelling narrative that illustrated her personal journey, resilience, and future business aspirations. In addition to this, we prepared a comprehensive packet containing all necessary documentation and verifications. This packet, a hallmark of our professionalism, included a meticulously updated business plan, current financials, and an entrepreneur resume reflecting Lindsey's accomplishments.

Ultimately, Lindsey's exceptional story and our rigorous preparation paid off. She was selected as a deserving awardee, receiving a significant grant of $25,000 from The Greg Hill Foundation. This funding, a testament to our effective collaboration and her inspirational narrative, will serve as a valuable investment into the expansion of Miss American Pie. It will facilitate hiring additional personnel, expanding marketing efforts, and streamlining everyday business transactions. This successful grant endeavor showcases the power of Skip's customized and strategic assistance in helping businesses like Miss American Pie secure crucial funding for growth.

β€” Skip Client Success Manager Raysha Begenjova

Securing the Future for a Florida-Based Business: Skip Success Story

Veeraiah Koritela and his loyal assistant, Michael Gault, came to Skip with an ambitious vision for their Florida-based business and a specific financial goal in mind: a $150,000 funding to create a dynamic sales team. Their operation, a service-based application, was gaining momentum, and they frequently travelled between their secondary location in Michigan and various trade shows to generate leads and promote their product. The pair knew that a robust sales team could significantly enhance these efforts, and they trusted Skip to help them secure the funding they needed.

Working closely with our trusted partner, Newtek, we strived to navigate the complexities of the SBA 7(a) loan application process, fully understanding the transformative potential such a loan could have for Veeraiah's and Michael's enterprise. Their commitment to their business was evident throughout our collaboration. With our support, they effectively articulated their unique value proposition, projected growth trajectory, and the critical role the prospective sales team would play in their marketing efforts.

The culmination of this strategic partnership was the successful acquisition of the desired SBA 7(a) loan. This crucial funding marked a significant investment in the future of their business, equipping them with the resources needed to scale their operations, extend their market reach, and increase the visibility of their unique product. This success story underscores Skip's commitment to helping ambitious entrepreneurs like Veeraiah and Michael secure the financial support they need to realize their business growth visions.

β€” Skip Client Success Manager Raysha Begenjova

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