The Top 10 Small Business Grants due in June 2023

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June 09, 2023 4 min read


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If you're a small business owner or entrepreneur looking for the best grants now available, here are the top 10 small business grants in June 2023. Don't miss out on these before they become due. We've even added in a few bonus funding opportunities to this list. To see all the latest grants, check out the Skip small business grants funding collection or download the Skip app.

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#10 The IncFile $2,500 Grant

Coming in at number 10 is the IncFile $2,500 grant. IncFile’s quarterly $2,500 grant for one entrepreneur is back, the current deadline is June 30, 2023. You must be planning to start a business or grow an existing business in a significant way. To apply, you’ll need to complete an online application, due a 2 minute video, and submit a sample business plan.

#9 The Galaxy of Stars $3,750 Grant

The Galaxy of Stars $3,750 grant has opened back up. This is also one of those popular ongoing grants like IncFile, and is open to any and all women-owned small business owners and minority owned businesses. You can apply in 30 seconds and we've had business owners from the Skip community win this one in the past. Application deadline June 30th.

#8 The Cartier Women's Initiative up to $100k Grants

The Cartier Women's Initiative grants is new, and the grants range between $30k - $100k. The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award of the Cartier Women's Initiative is looking for businesses offering products or services designed to close gaps of access, outcome or opportunity for communities that have been underrepresented or underserved. Entrepreneurs across all sectors and geographies are encouraged to apply. A couple things to keep in mind: You must be a for-profit business and have at least 1 year of revenue. Application deadline June 30th.

#7 The Employee Retention Credit up to $26k per Employee

The most popular funding opportunity on the Skip community has been the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). It's technically not a grant but a tax refund, but we've seen thousands of businesses getting approved for this pandemic-era program. Time is running out to get the full credit. If you had employees in 2020 or 2021, you should check how much you might be able to receive. Skip's ERC partners can do all the work for you to make the process easy and maximize your refund.

#6 The Ingredients for Success $50k Grants

Famous Amos and the National Black Chamber of Commerce are back with another round of this popular grant program. The Ingredients for Success Entrepreneurs Initiative is awarding 3 $50,000 grants to black small business owners. Business must be at least 90% black-owned and located in the US. Application is due June 26th.

#5 LGBTQIA+ $25k National Grants

In honor of National Pride Month, the LGBTQIA+ National Grant provides eligible small businesses the chance to receive one of 25 grant packages totaling $25,000. You must identify as an LGBTQIA+ owned business and have 2 or more full time employees — and the application also includes a 2 minute video. Application is due on June 27th.

#4 Comcast Rise $5k Grants

The Comcast Rise $5k grants have opened back up. 500 recipients will receive $5k grants but there are some specifics to eligibility. First, you must be a minority-owned or women-owned business. Second you must be in one of these 5 cities: Baltimore, Detroit, Memphis, Philadelphia, or Portland. The application deadline is June 30th.

#3 SBA $50k Microloans

The SBA $50k microloans are the 2nd most popular funding opportunity on Skip after the Employee Retention Credit. It's the only funding on this list that is a loan and not a grant but we thought it was important to add. If you’d like a bit more control over getting funding into your bank account, SBA microloans go up to $50,000 with the average amount under $20,000. With competitive interest rates, it’s a good option to consider in addition to applying for grants and other private funding options.

#2 The June $1k Skip Grants

The popular Skip $1k grants are live for June. As you may know we donate a portion of our revenue back in the form of grants to entrepreneurs and small business owners, and since 2020 have given out nearly a quarter million dollars in grants. It’s quick to enter and this month we’re giving out 2 $1,000 grants. Deadline to enter for this month is June 26th.

#1 America's Top Small Business $25k Grants

The most popular recent grant is the America’s Top Small Business awards up to $25k grants. This national program is open to all US for-profit businesses who’ve been in business at least 1 year. You also can’t have more than 250 employees. This is sponsored by the US Chamber of Commerce, and the best part — the deadline is actually in early July — July 7th to be exact. The application is straightforward so consider applying or at least learning more.

The 10 Best Small Business Grants For June 2023

That's our list for June — have you already applied for any of these? What did we leave out? Use the links above to track and apply for all of these. And most importantly, good luck!

Pro-tip: To see all the latest grants, check out the Skip small business grants funding collection or download the Skip app.

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