Get Ongoing Personalized Funding Support
You'll get 1-1 help with:
SBA EIDL Loans incl. Reconsideration, Approvals, Increases
Additional SBA Programs, incl. 7(a) and 8(a) Loans
Curated Public and Private Grants Options
Access to Additional Funding and Loan Opportunities
After you book, you'll get an introductory onboarding call with your personal expert. Plus, access to additional phone, chat, and email support; access to state and local level experts; and monthly funding check-ins.
"I'm so glad I got help from Skip for this. Ryder answered all my questions and helped give me confidence I was filling out everything correctly and that I understood all my options. Highly recommend in these uncertain times."
-Wendy H, Los Angeles, CA
"Completely worth it. I didn't want to learn all the government options on my own and was afraid of missing out on important programs. The information is changing every day and these guys are on top of it."
-Michael T, New York, NY
"Get their help with these government loans. It will make a huge difference for your business."
-Fariah L, Atlanta, GA
Get VIP Monthly Grant and Funding Support
Reserve today for ongoing monthly support and cancel anytime. Was $299/month, NOW ONLY $89/month. *Use invite code if available to skip the line. If no spots are available you won't be charged.
Spots are very limited
Book Personalized Funding Concierge

*By booking our Personalized Funding Concierge, you'll receive a confirmation email and text message and a team member will follow up with you by phone and text. You're booking an ongoing subscription for $89 per month for one-on-one support. Cancel anytime. Skip is a third party concierge service not affiliated with any government entities. We have helped nearly half a million small businesses and independent contractors since COVID. By booking our service, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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