Ultimate Guide to the New Stimulus Proposal

covid-19 Jul 28, 2020

On Monday July 27th, Republicans unveiled their proposal for the new $1 trillion stimulus bill. The focus is on jobs, healthcare, and kids and it details funding in many critical areas. This is not the final bill — but the items in this include much of the meat that is likely to be passed.

In the below video we detail the Republicans draft proposal including the items that are likely to have bipartisan support - such as the $1,200 stimulus checks and the Paycheck Protection Program Round 2.

Outline of What's in the New Stimulus Bill

The most discussed items in the new stimulus bill include the following:

  • $1,200 stimulus checks (based on income) and $500 for dependents (any age)
  • Continued unemployment boost of only $200 for 2 months, then supplemental the equivalent of 70% of your income
  • A second round of PPP funding and tax credits for businesses and employers

If you'd like a summary of the main points in the new bill, watch the below video. At the end of the video we also talk about the new EIDL funding bill. This is a separate bill but it has bipartisan support. If you want EIDL or PPP alerts, so you know immediately when any new grant or loan opportunities go live, you can get alerts here.

What Will the Final Bill Look Like?

Negotiation is happening throughout this week. Democrats will push back on some items — including the reduction on unemployment benefits. As soon as a final version is circulated and then signed by the President we will do an updated video.

If you want to stay in the loop, keep an eye on our daily emails or subscribe to our YouTube channel. On the passage of the Bill we will be doing a video within 12 hours of the passing. For an immediate alert, sign up for our alerts here.

Want More Critical Stimulus Information?

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