Weekend EIDL Grant Updates

eidl grant Jan 16, 2021

A brief EIDL grant update for you

According to the SBA, sometime tomorrow we should get more rules and direction on the SBA EIDL grant program and how it will be rolled out. We'll keep you posted as we learn more information, but there is still no action needed.

We expect that the SBA will issue a new form, especially for people who qualify for the Targeted EIDL grant, which is the full $10,000, based on the low-income provision. Read the full update below.

Interested in getting a PPP head start?

Most EIDL grant applicants will be eligible for PPP loans as well. A limited number of PPP lenders are accepting early applications this weekend.

If you're interested in getting an earlier spot in the PPP loan queue, when you start a free Skip Plus trial here, we'll send you links to our partner lenders who are accepting limited applications this weekend. We'll also provide support and answer questions as you navigate the PPP and EIDL applications.

Otherwise, you can wait until early next week for the official go-live date and we will send you access to our recommended partner lenders.

Want to see what total EIDL grant funding you're eligible for?

We've just launched an EIDL grant and PPP loan funding calculator. In a few seconds, see what you might be eligible for based on your business and what you've already received.

Want to help others access funding opportunities?

Finally, if you find this information helpful, feel free to share! You can share your invite link directly from the Profile page so others can get early access to small business funding opportunities and information.

Don't forget you can always follow us on our Instagram too, where we post concise daily posts!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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